About the Collaboration

Strategic Coach and CEG Insights have joined forces to serve entrepreneurs and business owners better. Our collaboration focuses on an annual study, “Wealth Creation for Entrepreneurs,” designed to enhance our understanding of entrepreneurs’ needs. This venture aims to enrich Strategic Coach’s coaching services and provide CEG Insights with a deeper comprehension of the dynamics between financial advisors and their clients. We aim to create a ripple effect of success, impacting the broader financial services industry and meaningfully contributing to the entrepreneurial journey.

Our Strategic Plan

Our collaboration is rooted in a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines our objectives, methodology, and timeline.
View Strategic Plan here.


Our collaboration will unfold according to a structured and efficient approach:

  • Late July: Joint meeting to craft a comprehensive collaboration plan. – Completed
  • August: Preparation of the survey instrument draft. – Completed
  • Post Labor Day: Commencement of the surveying process.
  • End of October: Unveiling of the critical findings of the study.
  • December: Dissemination of the Wealth Management Mastery Series study.
  • January: Exclusive Insights Release. In a unique offering, we will share a customized research findings report segmented by our panel and Strategic Coach’s clients, prior clients, and followers. This exclusive report, available only to Strategic Coach, will provide a nuanced understanding of the different segments, enabling more targeted and effective strategies.

Survey Instrument

Our collaborative venture hinges on the “Wealth Creation for Entrepreneurs” survey. This isn’t a standard questionnaire. It’s a comprehensive exploration of the entrepreneurial journey, examining its challenges, opportunities, and the most effective strategies for personal wealth creation. By engaging entrepreneurs in this survey, we’re not merely gathering data. We’re inviting them to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of entrepreneurial success. We’re enabling them to contribute to defining how their peers can more effectively achieve the four freedoms that matter most: time, money, relationships, and purpose.

View the survey instrument here.

The following attachment maps the additional topics Dan identified earlier this week to the question number in the survey where we included the topic.

View the table outlining the questions Dan requested here.

Email Campaign

As part of our collaboration, we have prepared a four-part email campaign for Strategic Coach to distribute to their current clients, prior clients, and followers. This campaign is designed to gather invaluable insights into their needs and preferences, which will be instrumental in shaping our joint venture.

Please note that this is a draft copy of the campaign. We encourage Strategic Coach to review and edit these emails as necessary to ensure they resonate with your entrepreneurs and align with your communication style.

In crafting these emails, we utilized ChatGPT to emulate Dan Sullivan’s communication style. This approach was taken to maintain consistency and familiarity in the messaging. Review the emails here.

Join the Collaboration

As we navigate this transformative journey, we actively welcome Strategic Coach to shape our collaborative venture. We highly value your insights and believe they can significantly enrich our study.

  • Survey Enhancement: Do you want to incorporate any additional questions into the survey instrument? Your suggestions can help us ensure we’re covering all relevant facets of the entrepreneurial journey.
  • ​Audience Segmentation: Do you prefer a different segmentation of the respondents beyond the CEG Insights panel, clients, past clients, and followers? Your input can help us reach the most relevant audience for our study.
  • ​Your Involvement: We understand your schedule is packed, and we aim to make this process as seamless as possible. However, is there any specific involvement you’d like to have in this year’s study?

Your Collaboration Team


CEO and Founder

John Bowen, the CEO of CEG Insights and CEG Worldwide, is a visionary leader with a proven track record of success in the financial services industry. As a former financial advisor managing over $2 billion in assets, John brings firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the wealth management landscape. His leadership and strategic acumen have been instrumental in establishing CEG Insights and CEG Worldwide as leading providers of strategic insights for financial advisors.

John’s commitment to empowering financial services institutions with forward-thinking strategies tailored to affluent clients drives our mission to enable extraordinary organic growth. His dual role as CEO of both CEG Insights and CEG Worldwide ensures seamless integration of research, coaching and strategic insights across both organizations, providing our clients with comprehensive services to excel in the wealth management industry.


Managing Principal of Strategic Research

George Walper, the managing principal of strategic research at CEG Insights, is a seasoned leader with a solid track record of success in the financial services industry. With over 30 years of experience serving the high-net-worth and retirement services markets, George brings knowledge and deep industry insights to his role. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have been pivotal in shaping the strategic direction of CEG Insights.

George’s dedication to providing senior executives with actionable insights to enhance financial advisors’ service quality is at the heart of our mission to drive organic growth. At CEG Insights, he ensures a comprehensive research approach, integrating our capabilities with the coaching expertise of CEG Worldwide. This synergy provides our clients with a holistic suite of services, empowering them to excel in the competitive landscape of wealth management.


Managing Principal of Wealth Management Research

Catherine McBreen, the managing principal of wealth management research at CEG Insights, is a respected leader with a proven track record in the financial services industry. Her deep understanding of the needs and concerns of high-net-worth families gives her a unique perspective in her role.

Catherine’s dedication to delivering research that provides insights into investor preferences, key concerns and advisor relationships is central to our mission to drive organic growth. In her role at CEG Insights, Catherine ensures that our research is comprehensive, relevant and actionable, providing a solid foundation for our clients to make strategic decisions and maintain a competitive edge.


Managing Principal of Operations

With over 25 years of management experience, Heather O’Donnell is the managing principal of operations at CEG Insights and CEG Worldwide. Her deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment have enabled her to implement strategic initiatives that drive growth and enhance client satisfaction.

Heather oversees the day-to-day operations of CEG Insights, ensuring that our services consistently meet the high standards our clients expect. Under her leadership, CEG Insights has become a market leader in providing strategic insights for financial advisors.