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“New Insights Reveal Financial Advisors’ Key to Winning Entrepreneurs’ Trust”

SAN MARTIN, Calif. — March 1, 2024 — In a collaborative effort, Financial Advisor Magazine and John J. Bowen Jr., CEO and founder of CEG Worldwide and CEG Insights, reveal groundbreaking strategies for financial advisors targeting entrepreneurial clients. The recent study highlights a significant shift, with 20% of entrepreneurs—averaging $15.6 million in assets—open to changing financial advisors within the next two years.

This presents an unprecedented opportunity for advisors to leverage personalized financial planning and investment advice, proving crucial for navigating the complex needs of entrepreneurs and securing their financial futures. The findings advocate for a tailored approach to wealth management, emphasizing the importance of aligning advisors’ services with the dynamic needs and aspirations of entrepreneurs, promising to reshape the wealth management landscape for both parties.

For detailed insights, read the full article at Financial Advisor Magazine here.

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