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SAN MARTIN, Calif. – December 1, 2023 – CEG Insights proudly presents its latest study, Navigating the Future of Wealth Management Tech: A Comprehensive Guide to Meeting Investor Expectations, offering vital strategies for financial services executives to drive organic growth. This study equips financial advisors with insights to attract, serve and retain high-net-worth clients through effective technology use and client engagement.

Innovative Strategies for Advisor-Client Engagement:

  1. Communication Evolution: The study uncovers a significant finding: A total of 95.4% of advisors and 93.5% of investors prefer emails, yet there is a substantial generational gap in adopting newsletters, videos and podcasts. This disparity underlines the importance for advisors to broaden their communication toolkit to meet diverse client needs effectively.
  2. Millennials’ Digital Preferences: As digital natives, millennials demonstrate a pronounced preference for social media, video chats and personalized apps, alongside a demand for transparency and flexibility in communication. These preferences allow advisors to tailor their digital engagement strategies to meet millennial expectations.
  3. Website and App Expectations: A notable 15% of investors visit their advisor’s website daily. This stat, along with the fact that over 20% of investors would likely move more assets to advisors with user-friendly and integrated websites, highlights the critical role of digital platforms in client retention and asset growth.
  4. Advanced Technology Adoption: While there is a marked generational divide, the interest in advanced technologies like AI is burgeoning, particularly among millennial investors. This emerging trend suggests a ripe opportunity for advisors to differentiate themselves and appeal to a tech-savvy client base.
  5. DIY Trading Platforms and Asset Management Opportunities: The study highlights a substantial increase in the use of DIY trading platforms, particularly among younger investors. By incorporating these platforms into their service offerings, advisors not only meet the evolving preferences of this demographic but also open significant opportunities to ultimately manage these assets. Providing such platforms and complementary, value-added services allows advisors to build stronger relationships and increase the likelihood of transitioning clients toward more comprehensive asset management solutions.

Empowering Financial Services Executives for the Digital Age:

This comprehensive guide is a strategic roadmap for financial services executives seeking organic growth. It delivers actionable insights and recommendations tailored to meet the evolving demands of high-net-worth clients in a tech-driven economic landscape.


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