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CEG Insights Launches
CEG Insights Emerges as the Powerhouse Resulting from the Merger of Spectrem Group and CEG Worldwide’s Research Team

SAN MARTIN, Calif. — June 27, 2023 — A new era begins in the financial services industry as CEG Insights, the culmination of the strategic merger between industry leaders Spectrem Group and CEG Worldwide’s research team, takes center stage.

With a shared vision to revolutionize the industry, this merger brings together more than 20 years of affluent investor research expertise and extensive coaching experience. CEG Insights emerges as a powerhouse, poised to drive organic growth for financial institutions and accelerate advisor success.

John Bowen, the CEO of CEG Worldwide, expresses his excitement about the merger, stating, “The merger of Spectrem Group and CEG Worldwide’s research team creates a synergy that will redefine the landscape of wealth management. We are now uniquely positioned to provide forward-thinking strategies and insights that propel financial institutions to new heights.”

President of Spectrem Group, George Walper highlights the two firms’ combined strengths. “By integrating our research capabilities with CEG Worldwide’s financial advisors coaching insights, we deliver actionable guidance to enhance advisors’ ability to attract and retain affluent clients and drive sustainable growth.”

This strategic merger positions CEG Insights at the forefront of the industry, ready to deliver unparalleled value to financial services executives, financial advisors and ultimately, high-net-worth investors.

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