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CEG Insights Announces New Study
Beyond Wealth: How Advisors Can Drive Organic Growth by Empowering Investors’ Best Lives

SAN MARTIN, Calif. — August 7, 2023 — CEG Insights, the premier research firm in the financial services industry, is excited to announce the publication of its latest study, “Beyond Wealth: How Advisors Can Drive Organic Growth by Empowering Investors’ Best Lives.” This study is a key component of the Wealth Management Mastery Series program, which offers financial services executives comprehensive insights to enhance their businesses and stimulate new net organic growth.

The study uncovers that understanding how investors define success is crucial for financial advisors. It reveals that nearly half of the investors (47.7%) say that feeling fulfilled and satisfied with their work is essential, while 40.6% indicate that being respected and feeling a mutual sense of respect for their colleagues is vital. More than one-third of investors (35.3%) say that having a good work/life balance is how they define success. Furthermore, the study highlights that only 25.8% of advisors conduct a comprehensive client discovery process examining multiple aspects of a client’s life. But our research found that 22.3% of clients would likely move more assets to an advisor who asks about their personal life, and 28.9% would be more likely to refer an advisor who does this.

George Walper, Managing Principal of Strategic Research at CEG Insights, comments on the study’s findings, “Our latest research emphasizes the importance of going beyond wealth. Financial advisors who truly understand their clients’ definitions of success and aspirations are better equipped to provide personalized service, which drives organic growth.”

John Bowen, CEO of CEG Insights, adds, “This study underscores our commitment to empowering financial advisors with the insights they need to help their clients live their best lives. By focusing on clients’ individual aspirations and goals, advisors can foster deeper relationships, which ultimately leads to the growth of their practices.”

The “Beyond Wealth: How Advisors Can Drive Organic Growth by Empowering Investors’ Best Lives” study is one of eight reports published annually in the Wealth Management Mastery Series. These reports offer financial services executives comprehensive insights to enhance their already-successful businesses and stimulate new net organic growth.

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